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An Open Source Terabit Software Dataplane
The world moves at light speed.
Make sure your packet traffic keeps up.

Enriching Data Plane Leadership and Deployment Efficiency.
The Fast Data Project's VPP Release 20.01 is here!

Features and Perfomance of the VPP Release

Why FD.io?

Lowers the Barrier to Entry

Industry-standard, cross-platform, network Stack - supported by multiple hardware vendors

Increases Velocity

Encourages industry disruption and fosters innovation

Platform optimized

Built using same super-scalar optimizations as DPDK

Broad adoption

Supported by a broad community of industry contributors

Use Cases for FD.io

What is Vector Packet Processing (VPP)?

FD.io VPP is the Swiss Army knife of networking toolchains - enabling astounding software packet processing.

Relentless speed and scale.
Up to two orders of magnitude greater packet processing throughput.
VPP's host stack comprises packet, transport, session, and application layer protocols enabling entire networking and security functions to be injected into software packet processing.

Easily programmable.
FD.io is easily extensible through plugins or by building applications on top of the FD.io VPP API.

Deploy anywhere.
Bare metal, VM or container. x86, ARM, and PowerPC architectures.

The future of packet processing. Now.

VPP Technology VPP Performance Installing VPP

The FD.io Community

The Fast Data Project (FD.io) is a collaborative open-source project aimed at establishing a high-performance IO services framework for dynamic compute environments.

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