Building VPP

Downloading and Building VPP

How to Dowload and Build VPP

The following describes how to download and build VPP. For more on developing with VPP click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Set up Proxies

Depending on the environment you are operating in, proxies may need to be set. Run these proxy commands to specify the proxy-server-name and corresponding port-number:

$ export http_proxy=http://<proxy-server-name>.com:<port-number>
$ export https_proxy=https://<proxy-server-name>.com:<port-number>

Get the VPP Sources

To get the VPP sources that are used to create the build, run the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd vpp

Build VPP Dependencies

Run the following make command to install the dependencies for VPP.

If the download hangs at any point, then you may need to set up proxies <setupproxies> for the download to work.

$ make install-dep

Build VPP (Release Version)

Use the following make command below to build the release version of VPP.

$ make build-release

Running VPP

After building the VPP binaries, you now have several images built. Run these VPP with the follwoing

$ sudo bash
# make run